I love being a first adopter. I love beta software. I love previewing apps that have yet to launch. I love submitting suggestions and realizing that many others are thinking on the same expressway to a better experience. I was just talking with one of my teammates about Hootsuite, and how it would be so awesome if Instagram would finally allow them to post from their platform, and within 24 hours that dream came true.

In talking to my wife, she admits that I am crazy for seeing new tech in this light. See, she likes to wait for all the micro updates to transpire before she makes the leap to the latest software. She, will not by an iPhone X because she knows the first edition of everything is always imperfect. Even though we don’t see eye to eye on this, she still makes killer Korean BBQ with Cauliflower Rice, and she is my balance.

Let’s go back almost 2000 years. There is a story about a few fishermen who were doing their thing, minding their own business, when out of nowhere, this man approaches them and asks them to drop everything and follow Him. He doesn’t promise much, but he does promise them that instead of fishing for food, they will be fishing for souls. IMMEDIATELY, they dropped everything to follow Him. These were the first adopters. These were the brave ones. The uneducated. The outsiders. The workforce. The first of many who chose to follow the Way of Jesus. They didn’t have anything tangible to look forward to. They didn’t know what would replace their income. They were clueless as to what this new journey would look like. Yet, they followed Him.

As they followed their leader, they saw multitudes effected by the power that flowed from this so-called Messiah’s life. They would see the gentleness of this carpenters son, and be intrigued by His sinless life. They would learn so much despite what the Religious-of-the-day thought of him. Though multitudes would follow, or be considered “first adopters”, many were only following to receive what Jesus had to offer without ever being fully invested in the vision. They would “download the app”, but weren’t willing to work through the paradigm shift that this new way of living had to offer. They weren’t willing to work through the building of the infrastructure that would one day be the UI(User Interface) that would change the way they saw life and death. For three years, Jesus would take these 12 first adopters and invest in them, growing their capacity, and reverse-engineering the way they saw people. Though His bandwidth would be limited by His own desire to not be famous, one day this Savior would send the Holy Spirit to be the industry-disrupting force that would restructure the way His followers lived their lives.

In the past week, the world has seen a new Social Media Channel arise, its name, VERO. Though this app has been around since 2015, the recent changes to Instagram has caused creatives to look for a different outlet. In the last week, this app was downloaded over 500,000 times in one day, 2M in total. With all the rumors surrounding the leadership at VERO and all the instability within the app, I could see why people were/are skeptical. I could see why so many deleted the app within hours of being excited about it. It is almost like this generation desires a perfect experience right from the start. We don’t want updates, we want one version that is seamless and glitch free. We aren’t willing to give something a shot because we are afraid that it will involve work, labor that isn’t worth it, blood sweat and tears that will be seen as unnecessary when this tech is deemed outdated.

I don’t think this generation fears work, they fear failure. They fear being the first adopters to something that will be replaced or bought out by some billionaire that wears the same thing every day. They fear that the valuation of said product is too high, the margins aren’t good enough, and the ROI(Return on Investment) isn’t worth it. They are right. This world doesn’t have anything worth investing in that will satisfy our every desire. We will always want more, in our eyes it will always be imperfect, it will always leave us with the fear that maybe it isn’t worth it.

Maybe it’s time we shift our focus from valuing our worth and our identity with the things that one day will be outdated to the things that last forever. Maybe there is something better to define us. Maybe that’s were our journey begins afresh. Maybe that’s what our souls have been searching for, for our entire lives. Maybe, just maybe, what Jesus offers is what we need. Maybe His love does cast out all fear of failure. Maybe you will be the first adopter in your circle of influence that will change the “forever” for everyone. Maybe . . .

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Jesus