I love sports. I love going to games. I love the anticipation leading up to the revealing of the starting lineup. I love the decision-making as the game unfolds. I’m eager to see the coaches weigh out options and make decisions that could effect the end result. I love seeing the reaction of the crowd, the other players, and the teammates effected by the changes. Overall, the outcome is the result of the changes that were made in respect to the situation that existed in the moment.

Jesus loved people. He loved being in their midst. He loved speaking-with and ministering-to those who were alienated because of culture. Each and every word was perfectly spoken. Each and every decision had purpose. Each and every purpose was deriving from the end-result, which only He could comprehend. It made sense to Him.

In choosing his team, Jesus chose those who were “uneducated, and untrained” men. As he walked alongside the normality of their life, He repurposed both their vocation and their calling. Whether fishermen or tax collectors, Jesus knew that their skill set wasn’t what was going to expand the kingdom. It was the lack of luster, the absence of pride, the sense of sacrifice to depart from the known and embrace the unknown that would exponentially increase the faith of the Good News Bears.

The Disciples loved that Jesus was among them, but as soon as Jesus spoke about “peacing-out” the team became a hot mess. They wanted to go with Him, they wanted to be at his side, they wanted to know who would be greater in the Kingdom, they wanted Jesus to fit the mold of their Messianic Leader that was a fictional character that satisfied their political needs. And as soon as Jesus spoke about departing, these guys had every reason for their personal needs to relegate the blood, sweat, and tears of discipleship, friendship, and brotherhood.


Most of the time; we would rather experience the comfort of the known in exchange for the fruition of the workmanship of God’s hands.


I am ten days from leading a Church Plant in Long Beach, CA. As I look back at the last ten years, I realize that the one decision I made in July of 2003 is the root cause of what is going to begin on September 8th,, 2013.  What the Lord did over ten years ago has built a foundation that can support the unknown perfection of His Will.


I’m thankful for all the doors He closed. I’m grateful for the comfort and presence that surrounded my family and me when I wanted to quit. I’m satisfied with knowing Him and the riches of His grace.


On Christ, the solid rock I stand, everything else is sinking