It’s been a while since I wrote. To be honest I have had a ton on my mind, and many subjects to write about. But today on my way home from Vision LB, I heard the Lord speak to me loud and clear and I knew I had to write:

“Son, my kingdom is big, it is really . . . really big!”

Last night, I got a text from a friend who said he was coming to visit our church. At first I was so excited (aka scared), that another pastor would come visit our little church. Then I thought to myself, why would he come? Is he coming to check out our awesome hospitality table? Is he coming to scope out our sweet children’s ministry? After all, he is a Pastor who is actually planting a church in Long Beach about 2.3 miles away from us, The Branch LB

In the last 19 weeks Ive learned that my insecurities are bound to the expectations of meeting the popular demand. There was a time in my life where it mattered to me what others thought of me. Would they judge me? Would they talk about me behind my back? Would they come alongside me? Would they try to help me? Would they ignore me? What would they think of me as I made mistakes or did things differently?

As I listen to the voice of God, I’ve learned that their is rest for my soul, and this rest produces a confidence, a confidence that leads to action, and an action that produces results that only He could bring to fruition. It is because of those results that I have been able to find rest in who God is in my life. Whether in what He is doing in the church I am leading, how He is working at my place of employment, how He is providing for me and my family, and how the miraculous are being manifested in all three. Because I am satisfied with what He is doing in me, I am able to trust Him more.

This is why I can bring pastors to my church.

This is why I can lay hands on them and introduce them to my friends.

This is why I love the church down the street.

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Whether they misread the Lord or reap massive fruit, I will love them and learn from them all the way to eternity. As long as they are seeking Jesus, and Glorifying His Name, I will forever be for them.

My church knows that we are in this together. Different Churches. Different Styles. Our goal is to “be one, as He and the Father are one…”

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls.-Jesus