Stop Pretending God is Bluffing

So its been a week since I left the Fruit Stand(Apple Inc.), and no it wasn’t my fault that the Stock Dropped immensly on “Black Monday”.

Since then all I’ve heard is:

“How’s Full Time Ministry?”

“How’s Life as a Full Time Pastor”

“I bet your girls are super happy!”

To be honest, it’s been great being able to be home every night and enjoy putting my girls to sleep after a time of prayer and devotion. My wife loves that I’m home every night for dinner, and the fact that she no longer has to go to Birthday Parties and Baby Showers by herself.

As for the workload, it has actually increased. To make sense of “When Jesus doesn’t make sense”, I feel like I have to tell you the whole story. What people don’t know is that I’m not getting paid more by the Church. Though things are moving slow at Vision Long Beach, we are right where we are supposed to be. We are a church of about 45 people with peaks in the 60’s, which means that we operate frugally but fruitfully. My Pastor always taught us to sow bountifully, and to this day our church has been able to bless locally and internationally. Praise The Lord.

So why did I leave Apple? Sometimes, you have to leave the comfort of your own understanding to lean into something greater than you. The Lord has opened up the door for our church to have a huge impact at CSULB(Cal. State University in Long Beach). A ministry that we have been praying about since before we started praying for the church plant. Back when my wife was a student there, I started a prayer meeting with Campus Crusade for Christ. A time where I made myself available for students to come join me in prayer for the campus. This was in 2008. Not only is this when the Lord spoke to me about ministering at the University, but he began to speak to me about planting a church. 7 years of prayer, and now the Lord opens the door, Im not a numbers guy, but when it involves the number “7” I’m a numbers guy.

“Yeah, but students don’t tithe!?”

I’ve heard that one . . . one too many times, and the funny thing is that as I type this blog, I just received an email from our Giving site that we just received a donation from guess who, an ex-student. God is my witness. What I came to grips with is that we have never had enough money to do anything, but we did everything. I’m not looking for more church attendees, I’m looking for one person to establish a pattern. Whats the pattern? Taking one step closer to Jesus. Praying for one more Miracle. Expecting one more word from His Voice. Just One More time. “To this end I labor”.

“Again, how will you provide for your family?”

It was no small thing that as soon as I put in my two weeks the “work” began to pile up. I was asked to speak at a few churches, I was hired by three clients looking for Social Media Consulting, and I have been helping my barber launch a new product which is due out this week. Jesus said “My Father has been working, and I am working” and this is very comforting as you take steps of faith.

Sometimes we must let go of the comfort that protects our fear.

Stop pretending that God is bluffing when He calls you to something. If you are His Sheep, then you know His Voice, and you follow Him. One. Step. At a time. Here’s to many students hearing His Voice and taking steps closer Jesus and the Power of His Might.


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