I believe that there are a large amount of Christians who might need to be equipped, encouraged, and educated not only to live doxologically but to do so within the retail environment.

It wasn’t until 2003 that I got a glimpse of this incredible mission field. A waitress asked me to go to church. A bold server begged me to repent. After hearing the Gospel once, my life was forever changed . 

Having been in retail since 2000, I’ve seen the Christian fit in, compromise, begin to question the authority of God’s Word, stop going to church, stop hanging out with believers, and simply begin to walk away from the Lord. Whether they were strong in the Lord or “in-the-closet-christians”, neither they . . . nor I, were immune to the influential temptations this culture presented.

How do we deal with this biblically?

How can we increase our reach . . . but most importantly our impact?

How can we be like Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, or Jesus in Samaria?

How about we put our brains together and talk about this?

Would you be up for inviting your “Christian” co-workers to a night of Fellowship, Food Trucks, Worship, and Networking?

Email Me With Your Ideas!