Let us, your servants, see You work again; let our children see Your glory.- Psalm 90:16

As we begin to serve the Lord, it is our goal that others would benefit, and that the Lord would be magnified through us. As servants of God, we get the privilege of seeing people benefit from our service. As we co-labor with Jesus, the kingdom of God is edified and equipped for the work of the ministry. We see their countenance change at the distribution of Grace and Mercy from the Word of God. As the Saints are equipped, the very word that equipped them, is the same word that becomes the source of life for their surrounding peers.

In this verse we see the Psalmist imploring that God would let his people see Him work again. This prayer not only affirms that the heart of the people was right, but it implies that the past and current situation had been lacking the power and presence of God. Though they had been serving, working, laboring, their actions may have lacked the power of God. This was the very thing that the Psalmist placed on the table as he met with God. He wanted the servants to see the Working of God amongst the people. He wanted the next generation to see His glory through the effective labor of the nation of Israel.

We have all read the Historical Compromise of Israel as they struggled to keep a Monotheistic Culture. Currently, we are observing a nation try to rebuild and redefine their foundation with a cornucopia of spiritual/political perspectives. Though both entities experimented with possible solutions and agendas, we can all agree that these “solutions” also lack/ed the power and presence of God.

We the Redeemed, the Church, should continue to pray this Psalm into the next generation. That the current servants would keep their hands to the plow, not looking back (Luke 9:62). That the children of our church would be encouraged in the serving aspect of their Faith in Jesus. That the next generation would see the Glory of God in every aspect of ministry through the serving team. May our labor continue to show His character, not only to the unbeliever, but that our children would see His glory.