In light of recent events I feel like Christ is pursuing a greater work in me. I’ve never felt so humbled, grieved, and human in my entire life. I’ve never felt the supreme necessity for the Holy Spirit in my life, that He would comfort me and testify of the Holiness and the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We can all find ways to blame our failures on accountability, church government, or the easy one . . . Satan. Our Humanity has been nurtured to repel self-accountability. Our culture has encouraged us to blame our past, our childhood, and even our genetic structure for the way things have played out. But it is the courageous man who is broken by his sin that holds himself accountable for his actions, takes ownership of the consequences, and seeks a saving source.


What is a Hero?

a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.


To me, the most courageous, brave, and noble thing we could ever do is admit our necessity of repentance. It is to publicly admit our necessity for divine intervention. It is to look upon our personal humanity and admit that we need more of eternity in our lives. We need strength from on high to not only forgive ourselves from the past, but live in the resurrected power of today and forever.


When I think about how Christ best displayed “His love toward us in that while we were sinning against Him . . . He died for us” . . . I can’t shake the fact that “He who knew no sin became sin for us.” The Spotless Lamb, the one who never failed, the one who never sinned, the Immortal Hero who came to seek and save that which was lost . . .  held himself accountable for the spiritual debt of humanity.


Love has been best displayed in our failure to meet expectations. It is manifested to us despite our past, present, and future . . . but reliant on the recognition of the Blood of Jesus as the active ingredient of our repentance. The more we recognize this necessity, the more we fall in love with His Grace and the more comfortable we are with Humility. Personally, this idea brings great growth, but in Community . . . this idea can change the game.  


As believers and receivers of grace, we should naturally be distributors of grace as well. We should be great at not only communicating the truth of our humanity but the grace that is offered through the Cross of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to mimic Christ in being both Full of Grace and Full of Truth. Put down the stone, and pick up the pieces.


Further Up, Further In