After realizing that I was spending way too much money on Coffee, and way too much time away from home, we turned our spare room into a Doxological Study Room. We furnished it with economical Craigslist finds and are beginning to creatively adorn it’s walls.

As a first project, we decided to turn the door that extends into our garage into a door that reminds us of our Weekly Family Memory Verse.  Every time we head out, we remind ourselves that the Lord is bigger than our circumstances and is ferociously in love with us individually and as a family.

So here we go . . .

  1.  Buy Frames of your preference. 

    • WalMart, Michaels, Target, or Garage Sales which are the most economical.

    • If you want a “Title Frame”, purchase one thats shorter in height, but try to keep the width the same throughout the entire layout.

    • Pre

  2. Outline the Frames

  3. Sand the inside of the Framed Outline just enough to clear the area of old debris and paint. It yields a smoother writing area in the end.

  4. Tape off the area around the frame up to and including 1/2″ inside the Frame Outline.

  5. Use Chalkboard Paint to cover the inside of the Outline.

    • I would stay away from the Spray Can Paint, its not as thorough and is a bit messier than canned paint.

    • I used Valspar Chalkboard Paint that I purchased from Lowes. Two coats normally suffice, so keep that in mind as you chose the amount that you will be purchasing. 

  6. Allow the paint to dry for about 24 hours.

  7. Prep the chalkboard area by taking a piece of chalk and drawing on the area with the side of the chalk. Once you have covered the entire area, you can wipe/erase the area and begin doodling.

    • Top Front

  8. The Final Product

    • Final