That’s a great question.

Over the last year so much has gone on in my life its kinda hard to sum it up into a few paragraphs, but i’ll give it a shot.


Over the last few months my beautiful wife, Carol, and I, have established some pretty important rhythms. With the addition of our almost-one-year-old Lucia Joy, and having a 3 & 5 year old growing into some pretty fun stages of life, we have had to adjust everything around us. With Sunday’s being a full day of ministry, Monday has become an obvious day of rest. With the girls being homeschooled, Tuesday has become a day of extracurricular activities like Spanish Class, Swim Class, Tap, Ballet, & Acrobatic’s Class . . . yeah, crazy huh? This season has been fun, challenging, and exciting to see the Lord work in all the small details, especially the Memory verses of Abigail’s Wednesday night Awana’s Class.


Vision Long Beach . . . what can we say? When we heard God’s Voice to come alongside what He was doing in Long Beach, we obviously didn’t have a clue what it would entail. We had heard stories, we had read books of other people’s journeys, but it wasn’t until we had lost everything that God became so real to us. Verses came to life, His Voice was louder, and most importantly, His presence became our sustenance. What started with about 20 people in a house, went to 35 at year 1, to about 50 in year 2, and as we are about to finish year 3, about 65+ have called our church home. Whose counting though? Does it really matter? When you are living by faith, and not by sight, your faith stops counting people and starts asking for more time in a day to minister to people on a one-on-one basis. Yes, we have an amazing team. Yes, new people are coming every week. Yes, we are seeing God work miracles of healing in our midst. But all this stuff doesn’t come close to how far God has taken us. How much grace Christ has shown us, how much forgiveness we have displayed and received, how many bible studies have moved us to action. In this church, over the last 3 years, it can be said:

And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen. – John 21:25


Now that you’re pumped on what Jesus is doing at church and in my family, you’re probably wondering how I am providing for my family. Or maybe you’re not? Maybe you still think I’m an Uber Driver, or I’m paid by the Church, or maybe you think I am still working at Apple. Well, to be honest, I am so grateful to receive some compensation from our Church, however, we are still not at a place where I could be fully funded. In fact, I don’t know if that will ever happen, since Carol and I have always seen ourselves as blue-collar missionaries. So what am I doing? I am actually re-branding and leading the Marketing Team at Mother & Son Real Estate. My friend Chris Gonzales and his mom Maria have been so gracious to offer me a job at their Real Estate Firm. From building websites, creating billboards, promoting new listings, creating educational videos, and simply taking their brand to the next level, it has been a blessing to work alongside them.

Who am I?

If I could tell you that it’s been easy, I’d be lying, but I’ve probably painted a pretty good picture on social media right? It’s been a hard, but joyful journey. All that we had given up, has been restored and then some. All the bitterness that existed, but never manifested itself, is gone and relationships have been restored (even though they had no idea it existed). Lessons have been learned the easy way and the hard way.

Life is to be embraced and we must enjoy God’s presence in the valley, the dessert, the uphill battle, and the mountain top. Don’t let comfort rob you of the blessing of depending more on the Lord and all that He has for you and your family. Finally, remember, you are here for but a moment, leave it all on the field.

Be Encouraged,