This election has divided the church, families, friendships, and our nation. As I sit here in California, I woke up realizing one thing: My voice wasn’t heard. My Vote didn’t count. In California, what I believe doesn’t matter because people like me are outnumbered. Yet because I voted with my deepest convictions and casted my vote in light of what I believe in, I am still the bad guy.

I come from an immigrant family. I am a first generation american born citizen. I grew up catholic, and converted to Christianity, which in itself has caused my extended family to question my “Mexican Roots”. I married a White Girl, who stole my heart. I got married outside instead of in a church. My girls are homeschooled and have never had a “First Day of School Picture”. I am a registered Republican. Yet, my girls answer to me with “Mande”, call my parents “Abuelitos”, love frijoles con queso, and have taken two years of spanish. If we had to move somewhere in case of an emergency, it would probably be Mexico.

Why am I giving you this information? Because I wouldn’t have to explain myself if I would have done what almost every 1st Generation Latino did when it came to voting. If I would have voted for Hillary, I wouldn’t be grieved about losing my family, or having to explain myself to my parents. It would have been so much easier for me to just keep my vote to myself and conceal the reason why I voted the way I did. But because I was honest, exercised my personal freedom, and voted according to my personal convictions, I have now been associated with a “Bigot, Racist, Xenophobe, Misogynist” aka President Elect Donald Trump.

Many think that I don’t care about the “LGBT+, Female, Black, Latino/a, Muslim” Communities, however, my heart says otherwise. My heart continues to love my neighbors and those who outnumbered me in my home state. My enemies are my biggest target audience, I want their attention, and I want their friendship. I love my family more than ever, even though we are different. I have been a huge fan of the moderates that serve at my church. I have put aside my inner convictions in hope of showing what the Love of Christ is . . . an unbiased, unpartisan, unpartial love that is extended to all. Yet, I am still the racist, white washed, pocho who has traded in his Mexican Roots for an American Dream that was the reason why his parents crossed over illegally time and time again.

I wish I could fix it all. I wish we had a perfect immigration process so that all of my family could live where they wanted to. I don’t believe a wall is the solution, as we know we’ve kind of worked around that barrier for the past 40 years. If Obamacare goes away, I don’t know what my healthcare plan will look like. I don’t like how President Elect has carried himself, nor what he has said about certain people groups. However, he is our next president, and I can’t change that. So I will resort to praying and interceding for someone I may never meet, but who is just like me, a flawed man in need of Jesus.