Wow . . .

What can we say? This week has been life changing!

Not only did I get to listen to some of my heroes in the faith, I also had lunch with people who I’ve never met and Pastor’s who I’ve followed and looked up to for the last 11 years.

When I first started to think about planting a church, people would ask about “affiliation”. They wanted to know what my background was so that they could tailor the conversation around the historical record of my denomination. Instead of explaining my “What We Believe Statement” I chose to give them my testimony.

“You can’t change whats in my DNA”. I can’t change where I got saved (Worship Generation at CCCM). I can’t change the first church I tithed to (Calvary Chapel Downey). I can’t change the first church I helped plant (Reality L.A.). I can’t change the Pastor who believed in me, ordained me, and sent me out, Pastor Joey Buran. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My DNA is rooted in a movement founded by a fearless, gracious, and God-Fearing man who taught us that “Grace Changes Everything” and to “simply teach the Bible simply”. Though this man fought the good fight and is now in eternity, Jesus has done a great job in continuing to build His church. He has raised up leaders to fill the needs of the Church. He continues to be faithful. He remains the main attraction. And most importantly, He is giving fresh vision to the current leadership which includes a plan for the next generation.

“I love where we have been and where we are headed”. I am excited that the main thing is remaining the main thing. I am thankful that youth is not being despised but is recognized as the life of the movement. Senior Pastors like Tom Stipe and Ricky Ryan are setting up their successors for success. The Young Pastors, Pedro Garcia & Levi Lusko, are setting the bar high for the those who are beginning to sense God’s Calling to the Ministry.

If you looked across the room, you saw seasoned vets who have given their all for the sake of the Gospel. You also saw young men, ready to not only take the baton, but willing to feel “the full weight of ministry” while keeping their hands on the plow and not looking back.

To all the generals, Thank You for giving us a shot.

To my Pastor, thank you for believing in the next generation of Pastors (before it was cool). Thank you for taking risks. Thank you for holding me accountable and always wanting the best for me and Vision LB. I wouldn’t be the man that I am without the lessons you’ve taught me.


Continue Moving Forward!

Pastor Hector Mora

Lead Pastor at Vision Long Beach