I was given the opportunity to attend a Leadership Academy that was held by my employer (T-Mobile USA). There were various attendees, coming from different walks of life, but having one thing in common, the fact that we were all T-Mobile Retail Store Managers.

During this Leadership Academy, I was able to learn new ways of impacting the business through leadership as opposed to management. Yes, there is a difference between Management & Leadership, as Warren Bennis put it “Managers do whats right, while Leaders do the right things”.  Being able to differentiate the Modus Operandi of successful Leadership in contrast to mere Management is probably the biggest opportunity within my retail culture, but most important to me, the climate of Christian Leadership.

Being a pastor at Worship Generation, it has been a priviledge to be discipled, taught, and counseled by our Lead Pastor, Joey Buran. Pastor Joey has always made it a point to move us upward and onward in our callings; both in our roles as pastors within the church, and as fathers & husbands within our homes. Always teaching us from the Bible, and using Jesus as our cornerstone in our lives, the application and life lessons learned through the soveriegnty and leading of Jesus Christ in a mans life, speak volumes.

Reading books by Coach John Wooden, to recently being influenced by the works of Mr. Benjamin Zander in the Art of Possibilitythese figures have had a recent impact on the way I see people at work, on the street, and at church. Zander said in his DVD series on leadership, ”Give people a possibility to live into, not an expectation to live up to.” After rocking my world for a few days, I was absolutely driven to write about the possibility instead of the expectation. This subject does not come easy as Church Culture has had a definite shift over the past 3 years. However one thing that stands out to me as a High School pastor is the possibility or potential that I see within my circle of influence. Although I might have been longing for these kids to live up to an expectation of what it is to follow Jesus, I would rather encourage them to define “possible”.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 “…With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” The possibility of God working in and through these kids is of more value to me, than the expectation I once had for these kids. You see my expectations limit the possibilities of God through each individual, thus allowing my will to maybe hinder the impossibilities that God might want to work within each individual. Since “with God all things are possible” I have committed to promoting these possibilities by enjoying an intimate relationship with Jesus, instead of an expectation driven by exterior influences or motives.

Although I have been recently influenced by the works of Zander & Wooden, none can compare to the works of God throughout the Old Testament, and the eternal inhabiting the secular in the life of Jesus the Christ. Not to discount the value found in the books of Wooden or Zander, but the real time circumstances that Jesus encountered, His behavior, and His commitment are of much more value to me. Therefore, I promote leadership through Jesus instead of apart from Him, because with him who knows what Impossibilities could be made a Reality.