There have been so many fads come and go. Some have come back to haunt the fashion industry, some have actually modified past trends and made them “hipper”. We have seen technology surpass all expectations, but we still cant decide what phone or computer we want. Should we stay with Windows, or go with Mac? Should we get a pair of Toms or stick with Vans. Is Starbucks the standard, or should we drive out of our way to enjoy the nectars of Portola Coffee Lab or Kean Coffee? Whether we fill the mold of our cultural surroundings, or continue with our traditions, it seems like society is afraid to evolve. It seems as though we are afraid of making decisions, grounding us to what we know is comfortable, resulting in the stunning of our growth as the future generation.

When it comes to church and culture, one is being orchestrated by an unchanging creator(Col. 1:18), and the other is being defined by ever-changing creation. The Church, Holy Spirit led and Doxologically Fueled, should continue to impact culture and society without conforming to its standard. Because Culture demands something out of our lifestyle,  change is inevitable and almost desirable when it comes to our behaviors in/out of Church. If we are driven by culture, our language changes, the way we dress and carry ourselves changes, and inevitably our doctrine changes. We allow certain winds of doctrine to come in and take hold of our Purpose Statements without educating ourselves with historical facts. The reality is that we lack the desire to educate ourselves since the “Microwave Solution” has been clearly defined by culture.

If we are not fully convinced, we are guilty of compromise by association. By default, we allow our surroundings to effect our way of living, enabling culture to define our end result. InRomans 4, we read that Abraham was fully convince regarding the promises of God pertaining to his future.  In like manner, this generation needs to purpose in themselves to find those promises and enable God’s workmanship to produce results.  We should disarm the influence of culture and equip ourselves with the Word of God that our decisions wouldn’t be made by default, but by being fully convinced in our mind that “it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure…” (Phil 2:13). Should we continue to believe the rumors at face value? Or should we begin to investigate for ourselves so that we can make educated decisions based on the evidence that we have a Father-figure who cares for us as individuals and corporately as a church (1 John 3:1).? Thoughts?