By now, you’ve probably already seen the video “I’m a Christian, but . . . “. A Video that outlines who the youth of this nation thinks they are in light of the Gospel. From proclaiming to be gay and loving wine, to loving Beyonce and being an Ex-Camp Counselor, it seems that the Millenial culture of christendom is using every social channel to voice their beliefs. With that said, I can put on my Conservative-Pastor-Hat and beg them to repent from such a liberal theology. But on the other hand, I can side with all my LB colleagues and celebrate the “virality” of the video.

Kim Davis, another “Viral Hero”, did a great job of proclaiming the Truths of the Gospel. She upheld the word of God and made a statement against the unconstitutional decision made by a few liberal leaders. As the Bible Belt praised her name and paraded around after her release, the church lost credibility with many that were waiting in the Valley of Decision. Though she gained the praise of the conservatives, the millennials were ashamed of the misrepresentation of Christ.

Today, it seems that both sides will always share their opinions, and will most likely always oppose each other. While both sides agree with the red words (or sometimes black depending on how hipster your bible is) in the Bible, they will always have various ways of being manifested in real life. Some will use the rebellious side of Jesus to justify their methods, while others will hold to the traditions of our forefathers. All while the Holy Spirit is begging us to learn from each other.

I come from a conservative movement, which I love and I honor, even though, I still get funny looks when I walk in the room full of men I look up to. I pastor a very diverse church where we have learned to talk through our differences, to wrestle with the hard questions, and to learn to disagree without isolation. The question is always asked,

“Where do you stand Pastor Hector? You’re too conservative to be cool and too cool to be conservative”?

I have realized I am a dying breed. I can relate to Propaganda’s new shirt. I am one of few who are willing to reach the unreached, to reconcile the prodigal, and to give the failure one more chance, all while holding very conservative convictions. My prayer is that we would begin to learn from each other before the baton seizes to be transferred. We have a lot to learn from each other, but that means we have to prevent isolation and cultivate community.

As a conservative, I want to throw a party when the prodigal comes home. But as a “Dying-Breed-Conservative-Millenial” I would rather have spiritual milk at that party than the latest micro-brew on tap.

The Word of God will always be my motive, the Holy Spirit will always be my guide, and Jesus is whom I’ll always choose to please. Not Culture. Not Man.  

“I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” 1 Corinthians 9:22


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