What a year.

Seeing people come to know Jesus. Seeing those who were far off, return to the Lord with shouts of praise and thanksgiving. Seeing Christ work in the younger generation, building up future leaders within His church for the furthering of His Kingdom. Marriages mended. Friendships strengthened. Families restored. Etc. Etc.

Like Mary. When your whole world is getting flipped upside down. The Word of the Lord comes to you and restores all things. Though you cannot comprehend His plans for you, your faith in Him to do the miraculous increases. Every day becomes a miracle. Every conversation has more value. You know every prayer is heard. Every verse becomes encouraging.

Because He loves us. He gave us everything He had. And before we can ask for help, he knows what we have need of before we even ask.

Speaking of giving.

To the guy who interrupted me during work to give me a card with cash that allowed me to bless my wife, Thank You.

To the family who has bought us groceries randomly for the past year, we couldn’t have done it without you.

To the friends who could have supported a family in another country, but decided to get everything on our girls wish list, How could we ever repay you?

To the churches that asked me to speak and gave generous honorariums, thank you for believing in the local church.

To my barber who knows that a pastor needs to look good and have some cash in his pocket, you have blessed me beyond belief.

To the people who have prayed earnestly for Christ to change the eternal destination of our city, thank you . . . and don’t stop for God is working.

To my church who has been serving Jesus faithfully, don’t stop, you are the second reason why we get up every morning with Joy in our hearts.

To the organization who believes in us and the work God has called us to, you are unbelievable.

I have treasured these things in my heart knowing that I am undeserving of these great things. But God, who is rich in mercy moved in the hearts of individuals to make this the greatest Christmas we could ever have hoped for.

This is a true Christmas. A celebration of what God has done for us, that we could never do for ourselves. Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given. A thrill of Hope, in a church planters heart who was once weary and is now rejoicing.

Thank You and Thank Jesus who has never failed us.


Pastor Hector