In the Gospel of John Chapter 4, we read that it was necessary for Jesus to go through Samaria. It was an urgent need that would not only affect the Woman at the well, but for the Men of the City, the entire Community of Samaria, and the Nobleman who was on his way to Samaria. As Jesus remained in Samaria, we know that many were saved; many people had a life altering experience with the Son of God. As we look at the scripture in detail we see four different ways Salvation came to humanity.

  • The Samaritan Woman was told about her sin issue, and believes that Jesus is the Messiah.
  • Some Samaritans believe on behalf of this Woman’s Testimony.
  • Some came to Jesus to find out for themselves.
  • The Nobleman by Faith believed Jesus, and him and his whole household were saved.

In the middle of saving this community Jesus begins to communicate to the disciples about the Partnership he wants to establish with them. As the disciples listened, the men of Samaria were coming up over the hills, Jesus tells the disciples to “lift up their eyes, and look at the fields, for they are already ripe for the harvest”.

In this chapter, we see the purposeful actions of Jesus to both Save and Equip. In the Salvation of the Samaritans, the disciples were equipped and educated in the plans of God to save others. Using four different ways of communication, the Father drew many to Jesus as the disciples looked on.

The Partnership between God and Humanity has been clearly communicated to us through the scriptures. We have been transformed by the communication of this Gospel, and I encourage you to ask the Lord to equip you through His communication tool, the Bible. We pray that this very same model used in John 4 would encourage you to partner with Jesus in saving souls. Be encouraged by what Jesus told the disciples, “”I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.”