“Chance, I’m so confused”

Why are so many Christians confused about Chance the Rapper? His music is saturated biblical statements. “The Book don’t end with Malachi…” — Chance The Rapper, How Great, Coloring Book “Hit Jericho with a buzzer beater to end a quarter, Watch brick and mortar fall...
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On the day before conception, how did Jesus see the World? Was He disgusted? Was He burdened? Did His heart break? Did He set up a wall to protect His dwelling place? Did He create executive orders to make Heaven less accessible? If Jesus had looked at the world as...
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“Siri, Define Life”

The only reason I asked her, is because it seems that today, you are not defined as a human until you become a statistic. Until you are a statistic; A Privileged White Girl, a Brown Immigrant, a Black Criminal, an Orange Fascist . . . you are not a human. So why are...
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